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Connect your fans in the physical world to your music in the digital world.

Create a deeper connection between you
and your fans.

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Trusted by over 2,000 artists

Danny Ta-Warz TrackRhino artist since 2019

Trusted by over 2,000 artists

Stand out by bridging the gap between online and offline.

40,000 tracks are added to Spotify daily. Only a few will ever reach a wide audience.

Stand out from the clutter by also connecting with your fans in the physical world!

Custom branded cards that connect your fans to your tracks, merch, social media, exclusive content, and more!

Own your future

We want Independent
Artists to succeed.

Everything we do, boils down to the fact that we want
musicians to win!

Connect Offline

live events.
concerts. Tours.

You are already pushing your music on online streaming services. We will connect you with your fans in the physical world.


The #1 format for live sales.

Hustling CDs is no longer an effective way to sell music at live events. Today, your fans stream your tracks on their phones, not on CD players. TrackRhino Cards let you sell records at concerts and let your fans easily listen to your music on their phones, enabling you to sell more directly from the stage!


Your fans are only a phone tap away from you.

Through our patent-pending technology, fans connect with you with a single phone tap on your TrackRhino card. Share music. Sell tickets. Distribute exclusive content.

New tracks? No problem. Content can be remotely updated! Anytime your TrackRhino card is tapped the latest version will load.

Keep your fans engaged with latest content. Convert fans to superfans.

EARN Recurring Revenue

through Your own subscriptions.

Grow your revenue with fan subscriptions. Share exclusive content, like:

  • Unreleased music – covers, remixes,
    demos and more,
  • Behind the scenes photos and videos,
  • Advanced merch access and 20%
    discount code,
  • Livestreams of mixing sessions,

with your subscribers and let TrackRhino take care of payment and subscription management. You do what you do best, we do what we do best.

Files visible to subscribing fans only.

Grow as an Entrepreneur

Watch your Engagement numbers grow.

Track the performance of your content. See how your streaming numbers grow. Don’t worry we will help make sense of the data so you know what to do next.

Start your journey towards success.

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#1 way to PROMOTE YOUR BRAND in a Physical way

See how other artists bridge the GAP between digital and physical.

Get inspired by how artists are bridging the gap between the online world where music exists and the offline world where fans exist.


your music. merch. social media. tickets. paid content. all in one place! foster stronger connections with your fans.

Succeed like others

Read how we have helped independent artists succeed.

Connect with our community

Build Success with our community

Whether you are a new independent artist, or someone looking for tips, join the community of TrackRhino artists to ask for possible solutions, stay on top of trends, and connect with others with common goals!

founded by Michele Romanow from DRAGON’S DEN.



Start your journey towards success.

Setup your TrackRhino Portal and start sharing your music!

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