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6. October 2021

TrackRhino allows Musicians to promote their music using physical cards.

KEEP READING TO FIND OUT WHY THE MUSICIAN STARTER PACK IS THE BEST WAY TO GET STARTED WITH TRACKRHINO… Musicians need a physical product that seamlessly leads into today’s digital experience. Most musicians today are either….Begging for YouTube shares, spamming their streaming links, trying to promote their music digitally…. without any physical presence. OR…. Stuck in the “golden age” trying to sell CDs… when people

29. September 2021

Independent Artists Need Physical Music Sales To Be Successful

In order for you to be successful as an independent artist, not only do you have to create and release great music but you also have to operate as a business. One of the hardest business problems you have to solve as an independent artist is figuring out how to get paid. If you are