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fans. money. success.

The #1 format for selling offline (e.g., live shows, events, concerts), connecting with passionate fans,
and bridging the gap between the digital world where music exists and the physical world where fans exist.

Phone & Computer compatible

Instant tap or plug in Computer.

Why sell CDs when you know your fans no longer have CD players? Sell TrackRhino Cards instead. Your customers can stream music by tapping them on a phone or connecting to a USB port! Sell more directly from the stage.


Custom Brand your cards and portal.

Logos. Banners. Icons. Artwork.

Make your music look good with visuals that represent your brand.

Personalize both your digital portal and your physical TrackRhino cards.

Seamless branding across the digital and physical worlds.

Fan Subscription

Files visible to subscribing fans only.

Setup your own subscriptions.

Charge a subscription fee every month from your fans to access exclusive content.

Don’t worry, exclusive content can also be remotely added/updated/removed!

Win by creating a recurring revenue stream!

Files and Links

Upload Music, files, and uRLs.

Streaming Links. Social media. Music. Merch.

Get ANY digital content in ANY format to your fans by simply uploading it (or adding the URL) on your TrackRhino Portal.

Audio CDs are only capable of reproducing 16-bit audio. The trained ear can easily tell the difference. With TrackRhino Cards, you can upload high fidelity music that more closely resembles what you created in the studio.

Or you could simply drop a link to your Tidal or Amazon Music HD for highest quality streaming. Change the icon images while you are at it to make them look more like your brand.


Track performance.

Stay on top of what your fans are connecting with, which tracks are a hit, and what’s not working!

See how your subscription revenue is growing.

Don’t worry we will help make sense of the data so you know what to do next.

Grow your career with data-driven insights!

Remote update

Update your files at any time.

New tracks? New content? New merch? No problem! Upload them to your portal.

Make any changes you want. You can edit your portal at anytime.

Whenever your fans tap their card on their phone, the latest version will load!

Keep your fans engaged with new and exciting content! Convert fans to superfans.

Fan-specific content

Tailored content for each fan.

Do you want to share different content with different people?

Customize the experience of each TrackRhino card holder.

Increase audience engagement with your music by tailoring it to each fan!


Active discord community.

Whether you are a new independent artist, or someone looking for tips, join the community of TrackRhino artists to ask for possible solutions, stay on top of trends, and connect with others with common goals!

Phone App

Your portal on the phone of your fans.

Your fans have the option of downloading your portal on their phones as your APP! Now they can see your content without the need to tap their phone on TrackRhino cards. Your tracks are always in their pocket guaranteeing fan engagement!